Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier Review

The Aquaguard Superb water purifier is designed with an advanced technological level and carries high-end aesthetics to produce maximum purity in drinking water.

The Aquaguard maintains its brand reputation to produce safe, clean and hygienic drinking water for your entire family. The triple-stage purification process of RO+UV/UF eliminates dissolved impurities such as solids, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, viruses. Micro-particles and salts.

The patented Mineral RO Technology and built-in TDS regulator is able to retain essential supplements and minerals in drinking water. The water purifier exterior design looks stylish, modern and can be placed either on the kitchen counter or mounted on the wall.

The Aquaguard water purifier is almost suitable for our Indian households, providing water for household chore activities such as drinking, cooking, washing, and other domestic purposes.

The water purifier exterior design looks modern, stylish and looks more elegant in your kitchen.

Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS  Water Purifier Review

Aquaguard Superb RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier Review 1

Exterior Construction

The Aquaguard water purifier review exterior body construction looks attractive with elegant white color. The exterior body part is sturdy and has long durability. The water purifier comes with an air-tight lid in order to avoid any dust particles to get into the water tank.

Filter Cartridges

The activated carbon is able to eliminate organic components and sterile the water for drinking purposes. The copper infusion along with the essential minerals and supplements improves the immune system.

Triple stage Purification Process

The Aquaguard has an effective triple-level purification process to reduce all harmful particles present in the water. The purification process involves RO and UV or UF technology.

The RO plus UV/UF technology purifies the water from harmful disinfectants and particles thereby leading your family towards better health and preventing unwanted diseases caused by drinking water.

The filtration technology is able to filter all the virus, bacteria, cysts, and other particles which contaminate the drinking water and cause health-related issues because of the water.

Mineral Guard Technology

Aquaguard with its copyrighted mineral TM technology adds essential minerals, supplements into the drinking water to enhance the sweetness of water and improves the taste of water. The TDS controller is able to involve the essential minerals, nutrients, and supplements into the drinking water.

Water Storage and Capacity

With an overall storage capacity of about 5 liters, the user is able to consume water round the clock. The 5-liter water storage capacity has the ability to store water for various domestic purposes.

LED indicator Operation

The Aquaguard water purifier is functioned through a smart LED controlled operations. The LED indicators can provide alert whenever there is a service requirement, filter replacement, power on/off and UV lamp failure and also when there is a water shortage.

The water purifier indicates the users through an alarm for a filter change or replacement and an alarm is highlighted whenever the internal process becomes a failure. The overall operation is easy and makes the life smart, easy and simpler. The LED indicators in the water purifier impress any user and increase the of easiness.

Energy Saving Mechanism

The Aquaguard superb water purifier review is designed with advanced level technology to save water with less energy consumption. The energy-saving process ensures the user to consume water for regular use and save water for other purposes in the household and office even when there is no electricity.

The water purifier review performs this completely in computer-controlled to save water in the storage tank. The Aquaguard water purifier of highlights this energy-saving feature to help the user to keep in check of the running water.

Aquaguard water purifier helps the user to save the water for other domestic purposes at home.

Water Sources

Aquaguard Superb is an ideal water purifier thereby accepting water inlet from different sources. The different sources are a tanker, municipal water supply, bore well and others.

The Aquaguard superb water purifier is suitable to purify water from different sources and varied TDS levels. The water purifier is able to analyze hard or soft, brackish and other infections that are harmful to health and produces safe and clean drinking water.

Easy Installation

Aquaguard water purifier makes the installation process easier, where the water purifier is mounted on the wall without any need of a stand and can be placed on the kitchen counter which gives a new look to your kitchen.


As per the current situation, water is the most valuable resource. The Aquaguard water purifier review understands the needs of the consumer and produces hygienic drinking water for better health and safety. The best part is the purifier fits into the perfect budget.