Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020

While our biggest post of Best Water Purifiers in India gained a lot of interest from users, I’m coming up with this Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 post by which I spent nearly last few hours analyzing the ecommerce sites and local dealers to look for the best purifiers under 10000 range and

Here are the Five best of Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 In India 2020

1.Livpure Glo

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020 1

The Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + mineralizer water purifiers has a vast tank with a storage capacity of 7 litres and has inbuilt features that assures availability whenever needed.

The Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India has system that can be store with the future use and provides even when electricity connection is down.

The Livpure exterior design has a stylish, modern and sleek look which enhances your kitchen environment and can be placed adjacent to the outlet for convenience.

With a unique and advanced sanitation methodology, Livpure  guarantees safe, hygienic , sweetened taste and clean.


  • The Smart LED indicators for showing turning on / off, sanitation process, level status.
  • The 6-stage sanitation and filtration process, where the system removes poor taste, smell, firmness, salts, colloids, virus, and from other infectants to produce sweet and hygienic.
  • The RO is suitable for bore well and tank, where microbes and hard waters in solid particles are erased as well.


  • Leakage Problem.

2.Blue Star Aristo

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020 2

Bluestar company launches Aristo 7 –litre with RO+UF water purifiers sanitation technology which supports Aqua taste Booster purifiers with the help of calcite  media improves the drinking taste for maintaining the optimum ph level thereby upgrading the quality.

The RO technology eliminates the absorbed hard solids, colloid, bacteria and other infectants to produce hygienic. The 7-litre storage capacity stores and ensures the availability  in every time.

The Led indicators are highlighted when the system turns on, purification process, tank level. The Aristo exterior design makes your kitchen look modern and stylish and enhances the kitchen environment.


  • The Double standard layer RO +UF protection to ensure the drinking is safe, clean and hygienic without any excuses.
  • The Copper impregnated activated carbon removes bad odour, taste and micro-particles.
  • The 10-inch filter capacity assures an efficient sanitation process.
  • A Low-pressure alert is highlighted whenever there is poor supply from the source.


  • leakage issue.

3.Eureka Forbes

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020 3

Aquaguard Crystal Plus, a UV water purifiers under 10000 is suitable in India for lower TDS level, eliminating the salt taste. The Aquaguard Exterior comes with an authentic European style and touch beautifies and enhances  your kitchen.

With a unique and efficient  e-boiling technology, the boiled in a regular interval time of 20 minutes and destroys virus, bacteria and other disease causing infect-ant particles.

The Advanced mineral water purifiers technology eliminates polluting substances such as lead, pesticides, bacteria, micro-organisms and adding essential minerals to produce sweetened taste, safe and hygienic.


  • Automatically turns off the UV lamp when the system does not function for 10 minutes.
  • The Electronic monitoring system regularly checks the drinking waters turns off the many faultsthere are any faults.
  • The Mineral guard adds essential minerals and enhances the taste.
  • The filter has a long-lasting durability and produces with cleaning.


  • The Filter is detached easily.
  • TDS is efficient only in lower TDs level.

4.KENT Maxx

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020 4

Kent Maxx 7-litre under 10000 in India with a double shield sanitation process UV + UF technology destroys all the impure substances and minute infectants for producing clean and hygienic drinking safe.

The Kent maxx water purification technology protects your body from the health issues. The storage capacity stores for late use for a continuous supply.

Kent maxx has an inbuilt high power 11 watt UV lamp disabling the minute harmful organisms from the drinking waters. The ABS food grade plastic making  and design guarantees a long lasting durability of the purifier.

The Dual sanitation process with UV + UF Water Purifiers technology, destroys harmful virus, bacteria ,filters the dead particles finally providing  safe, hygienic and drinking clean.


  • The Kent maxx’s inbuilt SMPS supports input AC voltage range from 100 -300 volts.
  • The automatic system, which means the purifier can function without any manual assistance.
  • The Components are snap or push fixed to avoid leakages and overflows.


  • Filter gets blocked easily and mostly recurrent.
  • The Kent maxx is unable to remove the immersed impure particles and is suitable only when the inlet source such as tank or municipal waters contains low level TDS.

5.HUL Pureit Classic

Best Water Purifiers Under 10000 in India 2020 5

The HUL Pureit 10000 to ensures the sterilized equal to boiled. The 5-litre has a classy and elegant exterior design which stores for later usage and consumed even when there is no power.

With the TDS removal feature, converts  1800 ppm level hard water into pure and sweet enhanced taste. The system eliminated the dissolved hard solids, salts, firmness, heavy metal particles and also erases the poor taste, smell enhancing the taste.

The storage tank filling process is completely automated  and when the flushed out of the tank, the sanitation process begins automatically, and the tank is refilled when the power connection is turned on.


  • The Advanced 6 stage sanitation process with RO + MF technology eliminates harmful virus, bacteria and other infectants from the providing clean and hygienic supply.
  • The Safeguarded from electric voltage fluctuation range from 165 and 280 V.
  • The Pureit RO + MF can clean up to 9 – 12 litres of per hour in a day. The duration spent to cleanse with the based on the filter cartridge life, inlet pressure, TDS and other impure particles presents.
  • The Break resistance tap is examined and quality tested upto 50,000 times for its longer durability.


  • Leakage from the tap exists.
  • The filtered in the purifier is flushed out when there is no power connection.
  • Breakage in the filter casting .

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