Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 In India 2020

You can also check our overall list of Best Water Purifiers in India while this post focuses on Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 in India for both home and office usage.

Here are the Five Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 In India 2020

1.KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable

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The Kent Grand exterior design is white color transparent design that displays the mineral water purifiers technology along with an inbuilt TDS Controller.

The Kent’s copyrighted mineralized RO purifier technology adds essential minerals to enhance the taste with an inbuilt TDS controller . It makes a perfect addition in your home, work place etc…

The Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 in India 2020 has cleanses for different sources such as brackish / taps / municipal corporation supply. The Kent Grand water purifier with large storage capacity upto 8 litres  can purify upto 15 litres per hour .


  • The double stage sanitation process with RO +UV / UF +TDS methodology eliminates impure particles and micro-organisms such as virus, bacteria for a safer consumptions.
  • The Kent’s system is system controlled operations which shows an alarm for filter replacement, UV lamp failure, keeping you aware of the system functionalities.
  • The ABS Food Grade plastic make shields the quality. Push to connect design protects from leakage problem for a seamless maintenance.


  • The Lower tank has overflow problem.
  • Leakage issue.

2.LG Puricare WW140NP

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Consume the cleanest drinking with LG’s WW140NP water purifiers which undergoes the 5-stage RO water purifiers filtration process. The 5-stage RO filtration process is able to eliminate virus, bacteria and other pollutant particles existing in the water.

The advance level purification blocks the combination of sanitized with the non-sanitized for prevent from harmful infectants and mixing essential and nutrient minerals in the RO cleaned drinking.

Grab with the compact air tight stainless tank unlike the plastic storage tank used in other RO purifiers. The stainless steel storage tank is heavy and long-lasting, with a double layer shield for cleanest drinking services.

The stainless storage tank has lower anti-bacterial reproduction in 24 hours when compared to the plastic storage tanks. The Dual protection stainless tank keeps the purity of suppressing the bacteria and algae growth.


  • The mineral filter booster combines the required and essential health oriented mineral nutrients to enhance the taste.
  • The Digital sterilization method , a unique cleaning method to sanitize with the sterilizing kit which does not involve any chemicals for hygienic pures.
  • The authenticated filter cartridges and other spare parts stays durable retaining the longevity of the product.
  • The Smart Led display is made to highlight the power connectivity of tank, filter replacement.
  • The Wall-mountable is compact in your kitchen.


  • The PH level of times becomes low, causing serious health problems.

3.Eureka Forbes

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The flexible multifaceted features in the Aquaguard Enhance produce safest and hygienic drinking. The storage capacity of 7-litre, stores later usage for consumed whenever needed.

The Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 in India is a wall mounted or kept in the kitchen desktop placed adjacent to the outlet, thus saving the kitchen space. The unique and efficient feature allows the user to manually choose the sanitation technology such as RO, UV, UF, and MTDS depending on the source dependability.

The i-filter technology eliminates the dispersed unwanted particles from the drinking. The RO water purifiers technology maintains the freshness and purity of adding essential minerals.


  • The Chemi block restricts desirable chlorine and micro organic impure particles.
  • The mineral guard technology safeguards is the from calcium and magnesium residues present in the minerals.
  • The taste enhancer enhances the left over organic particles and improves the taste .
  • The Biotron cartridge is separates for molecules to digest them at ease.


  • The inside the purifier leaks from each side.

4.HUL Pureit Ultima Mineral

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The Black Color Pureit ultima is external look is classy and elegant designed for domestic purpose. With RO+UV water purifiers sanitation technology, the purifier system gives a clean hygienic level, along with the enrichment of  essential  minerals  the  taste of enhanced and improved.

The Purity indicator automatically, detects the quality upto 5000 times per second to highlight the purity. The unique and developmental 7-stage sanitation process RO+UV+MF, the taste of enriched and made hygienic as well.

Each and every droplet of enters through the RO purifiers filter for obtaining pure waters. In addition, RO water purifier functionality helps to remove unwanted bacteria and chemicals. The large storage capacity of 10 litres gives you no lack of purified drinking waters in Under 20000.Rs.


  • The Auto-flush assures membrane is automatically flushes out at regular and systematic intervals.
  • The Digital Advanced alert system alerts the user 15 days in prior the Germkill cartridge stops to function, which helps you to replace the cartridge on time.
  • The Neon Flash belt blinks whenever the begins to work.
  • An Electric power-controlled soft-touch button allows you to disburse just at one-press.
  • An Electric-display panel show cases the quality of durability of Germ kill digitally.


  • This Requires Higher Maintenance Costs.

5.AO Smith X8

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The A.O Smith X8 RO purifiers exterior comes with a white body and Green panel which decorate your kitchen. This vast storage 9-litre stores for domestic purpose.

The A.O Smith’s X8 copyrighted side stream RO water purifiers membrane is designed with modern technology for safe drinking waters. The SCMT prevents the double standard.

The 8- stage purification process eliminates and destroys bacteria, virus ,micro-organisms, cysts, heavy metal particles and chemical particles immersed in hygienic consumption when compared to other RO purifiers.


  • The Advance recovery technology saves 2x unlike other retaining the taste.
  • The Advanced alert technology indicates whenever RO membrane and filter need to be replaced.
  • The MIN-TECH adds essential minerals to enhance the taste.


  • Filter replacement occurs recurrently.

The Best Of Best Water Purifiers Under 20000 In India

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