KENT Grand 8-Liters RO + UV/UF Water Purifier Review

With a strong assurance of safe, clean and hygienic drinking water for your whole family with the help of the new KENT Grand wall-mountable water purifier. The various-stage purification process of RO+UV/UF eliminates dissolved impurities such as solids, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, viruses. Micro-particles and salts.

The patented Mineral RO Technology and built-in TDS Controller is able to retain essential supplements and minerals in the water, thereby making it a perfect and most needed appliance in our homes and workplaces.

The world’s most technically progressive and advanced RO mineral water purifier with a translucent design that highlights the original patent mineral RO TM advancement along with a built-in TDS controller.

The water purifier exterior design looks stylish, modern and can be placed either on the kitchen counter or mounted on the wall. The user can choose the purifier set-up based on their choice or preference.

The KENT Grand water purifier is almost suitable for our Indian households and office workplace, providing water for both household chore activities such as drinking, cooking, washing, and other domestic purposes and for miscellaneous purpose in the office or workplace environment.

The water purifier exterior design is transparent and also comes along with the water level indicator to know the water level. The KENT water purifier has an auto-flush feature system for an improved cleaning routine and the longevity duration of the RO membrane.

KENT Grand 8-Liters RO + UV/UF Water Purifier Review

KENT Grand 8-Liters RO + UV/UF Water Purifier Review 1

Exterior Construction

The Kent Grand water purifier exterior body construction is made up of ABS Food grade plastic. ABS food-grade plastic is safe and assures hygienic drinking water to your family.

The ABS Food grade plastic is a combination of various monomers. The general property of ABS Food grade plastic depends on the combination of the monomers. The monomers make sure to protect the drinking water from the following infections.

  • The strong and robust finish
  • Chemical and thermal protection
  • More strength and longevity

The ABS Food grade plastic is used in day to day routine products such as kitchen appliances and utensils, water purifiers and much more.

  • Advantages of ABS Food Grade plastic
  • ABS is basically a thermoplastic; that means it can be heated and cooled more than one time, thus making ABS made products recyclable.
  • ABS plastics have a high effect resistance.
  • ABS plastics have a high chemical resistance effect making them protective and safe to use.
  • ABS products are known to have excess electrical insulants.
  • ABS plastics are painted and glued easily.
  • ABS plastics are highly effective at absorbing shock.
  • ABS plastics are usually cost-effective making them affordable for households and small companies.
  • ABS products are efficient in shielding from heat and scratches.
  • ABS plastics have excellent ability and tested many times.
  • Since ABS plastic is easily mass-produced, glued and painted it is widely used in 3D printing and prototyping.

Purification Process  

The Kent Grand has an effective double-level purification process. The double purification process involves a mixture of RO and UV or UF technology.

The RO plus UV/UF technology purifies the water from harmful disinfectants and particles thereby leading your family towards better health and preventing unwanted diseases caused by drinking water.

The filtration technology is able to filter all the virus, bacteria, cysts, and other particles which contaminate the drinking water and cause health-related issues because of the water.

The purification process makes sure to produce 100 percent pure sanitized drinking water. The Kent Grand assures safe and clean drinking water to prevent infections caused by drinking water.

Most importantly, the user can view the purification process because of transparent design. Kent guarantees an assured purification process for a healthier life of reviews.

Patented RO Technology

Kent Grand copyrighted RO technology adds essential minerals, supplements into the drinking water to enhance the sweetness of water and improve the health as well.

The TDS controller is able to dissolve the essential minerals, nutrients, and supplements into the drinking water. However, the user is able to get safe, clean and hygienic drinking water to protect their health and safeguard from unwanted diseases.

Water Storage and Capacity

The Kent Grand water purifier provides users a vast storage water tank with an overall capacity of about 8 litres. The 8 litre water storage capacity has the ability to store water for various domestic purposes and can be used for office workspace as well.

The domestic purpose includes drinking, washing and other purposes. The Kent Grand water purifier has a large purification capacity of 20 litre per hour which provides water for unlimited use.

The purified water is supplied at a speedier rate so that the user can consume the drinking water round the clock and utilize for miscellaneous purpose.

Computerized Operation Review

The Kent Grand water purifier is functioned through computer-controlled operations. The Kent Grand water purifier review can provide alert whenever a filter replacement has to be done and there is a UV failure and also when the UV lamp becomes insufficient.

The water purifier indicates the users through an alarm for a filter change or replacement and an alarm is highlighted whenever the internal process becomes a failure.

The overall computer-controlled operations make the life smart, easy and simpler. The computerized operation in the water purifier impresses any user and increases the convenience factor.

Water Saving Mechanism

The Kent Grand water purifier review is designed with advanced level technology to save water. The water-saving process ensures the quality and design of the water purifier which enables the user to consume water for regular use and save water for other purposes in the household and office.

The Water-saving process in the water purifier is completely computer-controlled to recycle the water and save water in the storage tank. The Kent grand water purifier has a unique and impressive feature, where the purifier saves the unwanted water so that the user can use the water for cleaning the floor, toiletries, and tankers.

KENT Grand comes with the advanced Save water processing technology to ensure that the purifier takes up less water. KENT`s Save Water Technology makes use of a computer-controlled process to recover more saved water. The un-clean water is stored in a separate storage tank which can be utilized for cleaning, mopping floor and washing clothes.

Water Level Sensor Review

The Kent Grand water purifier review is designed with a built-in water level sensor to keep in check of the water level stored in the storage tank. The water purifier turns off automatically when the water level decreases from the storage tank.

The water level sensor helps the user to consume the water carefully based on their needs. The translucent design makes the tracking of the water level more simple and easy. Life becomes simple with features like a water level indicator. The water level indicator alerts the user review whenever the water flow is slow and less than normal.

Water Sources

Kent Grand is an ideal water purifier review thereby accepting water inlet from different sources. The different sources are a tanker, municipal water supply, bore well and others.

The Kent Grand water purifier review is suitable to purify water from different sources and varied TDS levels. Whether the water is hard or soft, brackish and contains other infections which are harmful to health,  the water purifier makes sure to eradicate all negativities and produces safe and clean drinking water.


In the current situation, water is the most valuable resource. The Kent Grand water purifier understands the needs of the consumer and produces hygienic drinking water reviews for better health and safety. The best part is the purifier fits into the budget for better reviews planning.