KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier Review

The Kent Maxx Water Purifier is the most important resource to keep our body healthy and helps us to stay hydrated all the time. It is very much important to consume safe, clean and hygienic drinking water for the sake of our good health.

Kent Maxx is one of the branded company which offers strong trust and reputation among consumers for producing safe, clean and hygienic drinking water for your entire family with the help of the Kent Maxx is a wall-mountable or table-top water purifier review.

The Kent Maxx is multi level-stage purification of RO+UV+UF eliminates immersed impurities such as organic impurities, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, viruses, micro-organisms and much more.

The patented Mineralised RO Technology and the built-in efficient TDS Controller is able to retain essential supplements and minerals in the water, thereby making it a perfect and most needed appliance in our homes and workplaces.

The most technically advanced RO mineral water purifier with a modern, sleek and aesthetic look that enhances the kitchen space.

The Kent Maxx 7-litre water purifier review exterior design looks sleek, stylish, and transparent in aqua blue color and can be mounted on the wall. The water purifier has a transparent water tank for better monitoring.

The Kent Maxx water purifier is a perfect addition in your kitchen counter and suitable for big sized households, providing water for all household chore activities such as drinking, cooking, washing, and another miscellaneous purpose.

KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier Review

KENT Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier Review 1

Exterior Construction

The Kent Maxx water purifier review exterior body construction is made up of high-quality ABS Food grade plastic. The ABS food-grade plastic is considered safe and assures hygienic drinking water to your family.

The general stage of ABS Food grade plastic depends on the combination of the monomers. The monomers make sure to protect the drinking water to the following infections. The life of the RO membrane is long-lasting.

  • Attractive transparent design
  • Detachable water storage tank for easy cleaning
  • Push-fit design for water tap faucet
  • Strong and firm finish
  • Deadly Chemical, microbes and thermal protection
  • Endurance and longevity of built-in filter membranes

The Food grade plastic is adapted in our day to day routines for such as kitchen appliances and utensils, water purifiers and much more.

Purification Process

The Kent Maxx has an efficient multi-stage purification. The multi-level stage purification involves RO plus UV plus UF plus carbon filtration and sediment filtration technology.

The updated filtration technology purifies the water harmful germs, organic infections, and particles thereby safeguarding your family towards better health and preventing unwanted diseases caused by drinking water.

The filtration technology is able to filter all the sediments, organic impurities, virus, bacteria, cysts, pesticides and other particles which contaminate the drinking water and cause health-related issues because of the water. The purification ensures to produce the sanitized drinking water.

Mineral RO Technology

Mineral RO technology is useful in boosting the taste of the drinking water and maintains the optimum level of the drinking water.

Dual-Level Protection

The dual-stage of involves RO + UV layered protection to make sure the drinking water you consume is safe and clean. The RO filtration is able to filter out immersed impure particles, metal, solids and micro-organisms.

On the other side, UV filters and destroys bacteria, cysts, and other harmful particles.

Water Storage and Capacity

Kent Maxx water purifier with an ample 7-liter water storage capacity has the ability to store water for various domestic purposes and is ideal for big sized families.

The domestic purpose includes drinking, washing and other purposes. The purification capacity is highly efficient because of the durable RO membrane.

Computer Controlled Operation

Kent Maxx water purifier is operated through computerized functions. The Kent Maxx water purifier review to alert whenever the tank is full, filter replacement and there is a UV failure and also when there is a low pressure in the water inlet sources.

Water-Saving Mechanism

Kent Maxx water purifier review efficiently saves the purified water for domestic and household purposes and keeps the unclean water in a separate tank for other cleaning purposes.

Water Sources

Kent Maxx is an ideal water purifier review thereby accepting water from various sources such as tanker, municipal water supply, bore well and others. The TDS level is able to dissolve hard solids.


The Kent Maxx water purifier understands the daily needs of the consumer and hygienic drinking water for better health and safety. Most importantly, Kent Maxx water purifier review fits into the budget for an ideal family.