LG Puricare WW140NP RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier Review

LG brand company has a strongly built trust and reputation for producing safe, clean and hygienic drinking water for your whole family. The LG Puricare wall-mountable is an electric water purifier review and is compact, stylish in black color thereby enhancing the kitchen.

The five level-stage purifications of RO+UV+UF eliminates immersed impurities such as organic impurities, bacteria, cysts, chemicals, viruses, micro-organisms and much more.

The Mineralised Technology and the efficient TDS Controller is able to retain essential supplements and minerals in the water, thereby making it a perfect and most needed appliance in our homes and workplaces.

The 100 percent authenticated of mineral water purifier ensures to add essential nutrients and supplements to enhance the taste of water.

The LG Puricare water purifier review exterior design looks sleek, stylish, and super compact in Black color and can be placed either on the kitchen counter or mounted on the wall based on the user’s preference. The water purifier comes with a stainless steel water storage tank which has a lot of medicinal benefits.

The LG Puricare water purifier review is a smart addition in your kitchen counter and suitable for medium-sized households, providing water for all types of household chore activities such as drinking, cooking, washing, and other miscellaneous purposes.

LG Puricare WW140NP RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier Review

LG Puricare WW140NP RO + Mineral Booster Water Purifier Review 1

Exterior Construction

The LG Puricare water purifier review exterior body construction is made up of high-end food-grade plastic. The food-grade plastic is considered safe and assures hygienic drinking water to your family.

The general stage of Food grade plastic depends on the combination of the monomers. The monomers make sure to the drinking water to the following infections. The life of the puricare membrane is long-lasting and does not require any quick replacement.

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Double protection seal for maintaining the freshness of water
  • Strong and sturdy finish
  • Deadly Chemical, microbes and thermal protection
  • Double layered stainless steel tank
  • Invasion free water tank
  • Endurance and longevity for filter and RO membranes

The Food grade plastic is adapted in our day to day routine products such as kitchen appliances and utensils, water purifiers and much more.

Purification Process Review

The LG Puricare has an efficient five-stage purification. The Puricare is a five-level of stage purification involves RO plus UV plus UF plus carbon filtration and sediment filtration technology.

The latest filtration technology purifies the water harmful organic infections, and particles thereby safeguarding your family towards better health and preventing unwanted diseases caused by drinking water.

The filtration technology is able to filter all the sediments, organic impurities, virus, bacteria, cysts, pesticides and other particles which contaminate the drinking water and cause health-related issues because of the water. The LG Puricare of purification is ensuring to sanitized drinking water.

Mineral Booster Review

Mineral booster is useful in enriching the taste of the drinking water and maintains the optimum level of the drinking water. The user who consumes the mineralized water has healthy body metabolism, removes toxins, and have a healthy heart.

Filter Protection Review

The filter makes use of the RO + UV layered to make sure the drinking water you consume is safe and clean. The RO filtration is able to filter out immersed impure particles, metal, solids and micro-organisms. On the other side, UV filters and destroys bacteria, cysts, and other harmful particles.

Water Storage and Capacity

LG Puricare water purifier with vast 8-liter water storage capacity has the ability to store water for various domestic purposes and is ideal for big sized families.

The domestic purpose includes drinking, washing and other purposes. The purification capacity is highly efficient because of the longevity of the RO membrane.

Smart LED Indicators Review

LG Puricare water purifier review is operated through computerized and LED indicators. The Led indicators to alert whenever the tank is full, filter replacement and there is a UV failure and also when there is a low pressure in the water inlet sources.

Filter Life

LG Puricare water purifier review comes with a filter cartridge that saves huge water capacity and alerts prior to whenever the filter replacement is required.

Water Sources Review

LG Puricare is an ideal water purifier thereby accepting water for various sources such as tanker, municipal water supply, bore well and others. The TDS level is able to dissolve hard solids.


LG Puricare water purifier review understands the daily needs of the consumer and the hygienic drinking water for better health and safety. Most importantly, the LG Puricare water purifier fits into the budget for an ideal family.